Shondra has been working as a reiki practitioner and energy healer for over 20 years! She began her journey with the Quantum Touch system and quickly moved into using Reiki and other energy healing modalities.

She loves sharing the joy of Reiki and energy healing with others! She loves to help her clients work toward healing and enlightenment in private sessions, and she happily teaches new energy healing systems to practitioners in order to help them to expand their own personal and professional practices.

Shondra has received two masters in Professional Counseling and Parapsychology as well as training in hundreds of Reiki systems and energy healing systems. Energy healing is an integral part of her life and is the foundation of her spiritual practice. Shondra currently lives in the southern United States and conducts her work virtually as both an energy healing teacher and practitioner and as a professional counselor.

She is thrilled to share her love of energy healing with you and to help you on your life path!

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