The 10 Spiritual Gifts Attunement Package

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The 10 Spiritual Gifts Attunement Package

The 10 Spiritual Gifts Attunement Package includes some of my favorite energies that I use multiple times a day. These attunements help with many areas: helping with communication skills, cleansing negativity and impurities, family protection and healing, improving self-esteem, and assistance with making decisions!


Founder: Marijana Gabrielsen


White Rose of Abundantia 

The White Rose of Abundantia is an attunement received by Marijana Gabrielsen from the Roman Goddess of prosperity. It helps to replace monetary worries with a sense of peace that allows your levels of abundance to expand.


White Feather of Lord Lanto

For all of those emails, posts, and texts that can be so easily misunderstood! This helps us to communicate and express ourselves and our inner thoughts more easily to the world. This is an energy that I use daily, and it has certainly kept me from putting my foot in my mouth on multiple occasions!


White Apple of Ceres

The White Apple of Ceres energy is a beautiful cleansing energy that purifies food and beverages from impurities and negative energy! This energy helps manifest abundance as well. I use this energy on all food and drinks for my family every day. If you are sensitive to energies, you will be able to sense that the food or beverage becomes higher in vibration, and sometimes you can taste the difference in the food or drink!


White Butterfly of Hera

The White Butterfly of Hera is a protective energy for children as well as your own inner child. It can help us to access child-like joy and good cheer that can be shared with others!


White Scarf of God Mercury

This attunement is related to the throat chakra. It helps us to have excellent communication skills by purifying and beautifying what we say to others!


White Rainbow of Zeus

The White Rainbow of Zeus is a deep cleansing energy that can bring in hope and transformation. The energy can cleanse people and spaces from lower energies and transform the dark negative energy into a positive sparking white energy!


White Glove of Pales

The White Glove of Pales is a must have for energy healers! It is a beautiful cleansing energy gifted by the Angel Pales. Although reiki has some protective qualities when we provide sessions to others, sometimes negative energies can accumulate from our own energy systems or that of the client. We can also pick up negative energies from different objects and items that we touch throughout the day. This energy will cleanse and clear the arms and hand chakras from any negative build up of energy!


White Book of Hestia 

The White Book of Hestia is a lovely energy that is connected to the heart chakra. It helps you to have good and healthy relationships with your family!


White Swan of Palea

The White Swan of Palea can give you a confidence boost when you most need it! Palea is an angel of wisdom that spreads golden sparkles wherever she goes. The swan is known as her symbol, and she can help us with issues related to abundance and beauty. This energy is empowering and uplifting, and for those who are clairvoyant, this energy adds lovely shiny sparkles to your aura! This would be great energy to use before a date, presentation, or business meeting to give you the extra boost that you may need!


White Pendulum of Horus

There are many ways to use this energy when you are struggling to make a decision. You can infuse the energy into a physical pendulum to use, muscle test, etc. Personally, I visualize the pendulum and give two options with a left or right for each option and see which way the pendulum points. Play with the energy and see what method works best for you!


You will receive:


  • 10 Distant Attunements
  • The ability to pass these attunements on to others!
  • Original pdf manuals
  • Certificates if requested
  • Two free gift attunements – the Pre-Attunement Flush and Post-Attunement Flush to assist with clearing before and after the primary attunements.
  • Ongoing email support


The attunements will be sent via the distance method one to three days after receipt of payment. You will be able to call in the attunements at a time that you find convenient. If you prefer to receive the attunements at a designated time, then please email me to schedule.


The manuals and accompanying course information will be provided to you by email once the attunements have been sent. 





10 Spiritual Gifts



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