Abundance Flushes 1-6




The Abundance Flushes are simple but powerful empowerments that can be used daily to assist with removing blockages around abundance and prosperity while at the same time attracting positive opportunities to the individual. Abundance Flushes 1 and 3 help to clear out baggage blocking the manifestation of abundance in both the third dimensional and subtle bodies while Abundance Flushes 2 and 4 help to raise the vibration and magnetize opportunities for the individual. Abundance Flush 5 helps to create stability of income so that one does not experience feast and famine, and Abundance Flush 6 helps to create a cushion of savings and other resources so that one is not living paycheck to paycheck. The flushes are activated by intention rather than symbols.


Founder: Stephanie Brail


You will receive 3 PDF manuals and 3 certificates with these attunements!


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