Angelic Healing Distance Session




Angelic Healing Distance Session


Throughout world cultures, there has been a belief in winged guardians sent to guide and protect us. Many believe that every person born is assigned a guardian angel to protect them during times of imminent threat. My first experience of angels happened when I was protected from serious injury or worse by my guardian angels during a car accident!

These loving beings want to help us to lead happy and joyful lives, and all we need to do is ask for their help. There are angels for every specialty area you can think of – from Archangel Michael’s help with protection and finding our life purpose, Archangel Gabriel’s help with communication skills, Archangel Uriel’s help with new beginnings, enlightenment, and study skills, and Archangel Raphael’s miracle healings – the list is endless. Allow the angels to assist you with healing whatever areas of your life are causing you the most pain and stress at this time.


During this 60 minute Angelic Healing session, I will work with the angels and archangels to provide an overall general healing for you.  We will also direct healing energies to any issues for which you request extra help.

If you would like to schedule a session, please email me with the times that you have available and the time zone in which you live. We will communicate prior to your session about specific issues that you would like to be a focus of your Angelic Healing Session.







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