Arkan Sonney Faery Pig Empowerment




Arkan Sonney Faery Pig Empowerment


The Arkan Sonney come from the Isle of Man and Avalon. They are sometimes referred to as small faery pigs and sometimes hedgehogs. They are white with wings and have longer hair on their head and back. When I asked them which they are more closely related to, I was told: “Neither, we are unique unto ourselves.”

These cute faeries have a cheerful and sweet disposition. They are very loyal friends who are the essence of good luck and fortune. The Arkan Sonney is known as “plentiful pig,” and these sweet faeries bring blessings of prosperity, abundance, and good luck to all who are kind to them and befriend them.

You may find that after working with the Arkan Sonney Faeries for a while, you begin to find “gifts” of coins that turn up in your car or furniture, or you may find gems, or other valuable “gifts” that just turn up seemingly out of nowhere. These faeries love giving you gifts and it is a joyful pleasure to work with them!

The Arkan Sonney are also excellent at finding lost things so if you are having trouble finding something be sure to call on them for help, and they will happily guide you!


Founder: Daelyn Wolf


You will receive:


  • Distant Attunement
  • The ability to pass this attunement on to others!
  • Original pdf manual
  • Certificate if requested
  • Two free gift attunements – the Pre-Attunement Flush and Post-Attunement Flush to assist with clearing before and after the primary attunement.
  • Ongoing email support


The attunement will be sent via the distance method one to three days after receipt of payment. You will be able to call in the attunement at a time that you find convenient. If you prefer to receive the attunement at a designated time, then please email me to schedule.

The manual and accompanying course information will be provided to you by email once the attunement has been sent. 


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