Planetary Chakra Healing Session




Planetary Chakra Healing Session


The Planetary Chakra Healing Session is a unique, intense, and powerful  one hour healing treatment that is not for the faint of heart!

The planets of our solar system energetically align with the chakra system of our bodies. This causes the planets and stars to have both profound and subtle energetic effects on those of us living on planet earth.

I will tell you that for me personally, I have undergone more than a thousand energy attunements, and the attunement to the planet Mars was the most intense energy attunement that I have experienced to date!

It definitely did an overhaul on my root chakra providing deep healing on physical issues as well as issues related to security, safety, and abundance.

This healing session is not the attunements themselves for the planets so the energies are not as extreme, but it can still pack a punch that provides deep healing on multiple levels! 

For this session, I will channel the energies of each planet into the corresponding chakra for a deep and transformational cleanse of your chakra system!


Benefits of distance sessions are that they can be completed at a time that you find convenient when you can be relaxed in your own space.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please email me with available times and the time zone in which you live. Please also include any particular issues – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc. that you would like to have as a focus for your appointment.





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