Reiki For Love Attunement Package

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Reiki For Love Attunement Package


The Reiki for Love Attunement Package is all about helping you to manifest the wonderful loving relationships that you so richly deserve into your life!

Whether you are currently in a relationship, looking for your life partner, or just looking for some loyal and trustworthy friends, these 5 beautiful attunements will help to bring in loving and supportive relationships for you! 

If you feel like you already have an amazing support system, these energies will help to improve the relationships even more if that can be believed! They will help to increase love and understanding, give insight on how to navigate any conflicts, and improve communication and partnership skills!


Aphrodite’s Love Light

Aphrodite’s Love Light is an energy used in meditation that has a lovely white gold color that connects to the heart chakra. The primary focus of this energy is to help you to develop partnership love, and to learn how to be a better partner in a romantic relationship.

The energy can be used to help you find your true mate. If you have already found your true mate, it can help you to have a better relationship with that person.

When you meditate with the energy, have the intention of connecting to the soul of your partner. If you have already met your partner, you can do it together, or you can use the energy by yourself.

Aphrodite’s Love Light is good for cleansing all unnecessary issues in order to be able to be more “one” with the partner.


Red Heart

The Red Heart Attunement is a lovely ruby ray that is connected to the heart chakra. It helps to open up your heart chakra and connect you to your soulmate!

The energy helps to prepare you to be open to receiving love, and it helps you to understand how to bring out the best in the person you love.

The energy provides you with insights so that you can have a healthy relationship in which you are able to embrace each other’s habits and learn to handle obstacles well. The energy can help you with this self-awareness and growth even before you meet your soulmate!

If you have already met your soulmate, then it can only help the relationship to get even better.

The intention of this energy is to help you to both have insights that will help to develop a strong and healthy relationship!

Red Heart is meant to be used as a meditation and as a healing for the heart chakra. You can also use the energy on your partner helping his/her/their heart chakra to heal. 


Pink-Orange Lilies from Aphrodite

Pink-Orange Lilies from Aphrodite is for miracles in love!

This is a strong yet comforting pink-orange energy to be used as part of a meditation practice.

The energy connects to the heart chakra and will help you to find your mate if you are single, and if you are in a relationship, the energy helps the relationship to “blossom.”

Pink-Orange Lilies from Aphrodite raises your vibration and the vibration of the relationship in order to help both of you to cherish each other and to be supportive of one another. It will help the relationship to last even when life is stressful!


Rose Quartz Essence

Rose Quartz is a lovely soothing soft pink color that helps to heal the heart chakra. It is known as “the love stone,” and it is said in one story that Rose Quartz was created by the blood of Aphrodite when she tried to save Adonis.

This crystal can have both subtle and strong healing qualities. It helps to purify the heart and clear toxins as well as provide emotional and mental healing.

It supports love in all of it’s aspects including self-love, familial love, romantic love, and friendships. It can help to reduce conflict in relationships.

Rose Quartz is also known for its protective qualities, and it can help with insomnia and nightmares when kept in the bedroom.

Rose Quartz Essence is an amazing healing energy that connects you to the essence of this beautiful crystal. It is a powerful ally that can support and comfort you in all relationships, and help to bring love into your life!


Flower of Aphrodite

For those who are clairvoyant, the Flower of Aphrodite energy looks like a heart-shaped red flower. This energy helps to heal and gently open the heart to love!

This energy can also be given to others as a healing for their hearts.


You will receive:


  • 5 Distant Attunements
  • The ability to pass these attunement on to others!
  • Original pdf manuals
  • Certificates if requested
  • Two free gift attunements – the Pre-Attunement Flush and Post-Attunement Flush to assist with clearing before and after the primary attunements.
  • Ongoing email support


The attunements will be sent via the distance method one to three days after receipt of payment. You will be able to call in the attunements at a time that you find convenient. If you prefer to receive the attunements at a designated time, then please email me to schedule.

The manuals and accompanying course information will be provided to you by email once the attunements have been sent. 






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