Spiritual Protection Package

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Spiritual Protection Package

The Spiritual Protection Package is a collection of effective energies that can help to keep us safe from harm!

This Package includes 8 attunements from Rosemary Noel, Stephanie Brail, and Ole and Marijana Gabrielsen.


Spiritfire Reiki

Spiritfire Reiki is a very powerful energy created with the help of Archangel Michael. It clears negative energies, psychic vampirism, psychic attacks, and earthbound spirits attached to people, places, and items. The energy is channeled through the third eye and hands and can also be combined with the heart energy for personal healing. When the energy is sent through the third eye and hands, it is a strong fire, and when it is used for personal healing, it has a magenta glow. Since this energy is so strong, it is best to use it as a quick zap, or for no more than 5 minutes rather than part of a lengthy healing session.


Fatima’s Hand Attunement

This attunement connects you to the protection, health, happiness, luck and good fortune provided by the Hand of Fatima, This is an ancient symbol of protection also sometimes known as Hamsa or the Hand of Miriam. This energy can be placed in a Hamsa pendant or painting to magnify it’s effects. I have also found it useful to place this energy in my auric field and around my home for protection and blessings!


The Golden Armor of Archangel Raphael

The Golden Armor of Archangel Raphael is a powerful shield for psychic protection. It helps to protect your energy from psychic attack and negative energy. This shield is especially good for lightworkers and anyone working with the public to help transmute the energy of the planet for the light!


Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael guides and protects all who ask him for help. He works with lightworkers to assist them with remembering their life purpose, and he works tirelessly to help dissolve fear and terror on the planet. He helps us with space clearing, spirit releasement, and protection. He helps to remove fear thoughts and gives us courage to face life’s challenges.

Archangel Michael’s sword and shield can be utilized for protection. His sword helps to cut away lower energy attachments, negative etheric chords, and fear thoughts from our energy fields.

A lesser known fact is that Michael can also be helpful with electrical and mechanical problems. He has often helped me with computer glitches and car trouble!

If called upon, Michael will help us whenever we are feeling especially vulnerable and our fears get the better of us.


Archangel Michael’s Sword

Michael’s Sword clears away negative etheric cords to entities that are possibly harmful to us and who could be draining our energy. These include earth-bound spirits, negative entities, and fallen spirits. This particular sword’s energy is a mixture of red, orange, and yellow energy. I like to use it at the end of my day and at bedtime for extra protection.


Blue Ray from Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael’s Blue Ray invokes a blue beam of light that can surround you and your aura. It helps to cleanse us from negative beliefs and thought forms, and can serve as a shield of protection.


The Blue Cocoon of Archangel Michael

The Blue Cocoon of Archangel Michael is a protective shield placed around your aura. It protects from negative entities, negative thought forms, and other negative influences. This can be combined with other energetic shields as well for extra protection.



You will receive:


  • 7 Distant Attunements
  • The ability to pass these attunements on to others!
  • Original pdf manuals
  • Certificates if requested
  • Two free gift attunements – the Pre-Attunement Flush and Post-Attunement Flush to assist with clearing before and after the primary attunements.
  • Ongoing email support


The attunements will be sent via the distance method one to three days after receipt of payment. You will be able to call in the attunements at a time that you find convenient. If you prefer to receive the attunements at a designated time, then please email me to schedule.


The manuals and accompanying course information will be provided to you by email once the attunements have been sent. 



Spiritual Protection Package

Spiritual Protection Package


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