Reiki: Which Types of Reiki are Right for you?

Reiki: Which Types of Reiki Are Right for You?

Reiki: Which Types of Reiki Are Right for You?


Reiki: Which Type of Reiki is Right for You?

By Dragon’s Rose Reiki
January 1, 2022


Reiki has a whole host of benefits. From healing physical ailments to soothing emotional trauma it is medicine for the body, mind, and soul. As you begin to consider using Reiki for your spiritual wellness you may be wondering which types of Reiki are right for you. With there being so many kinds out there how can you tell which is right for you?


Here’s everything that you need to know… 


Types of Reiki

Reiki is a form of energy healing that involves guiding the flow of universal life force energy. Doing so can help you to attract abundance, heighten your intuition and create loving relationships. Thanks to the work of William Rand, an authoritative figure and expert on Reiki, more people have been exposed to popular types of energy healing such as Karuna Reiki.


It can also be combined with other energies and symbolic items such as animal totems, crystal essences, angels, spiritual masters and the planets. This can help you to tap into the many subdivisions of reiki.


Tips and Tricks


Connect With the Founder

When you take an active approach to learn more about the founder of each type of Reiki you can tell if it is a good fit. Try to find out more about their values and what inspired them to create them. As you delve into the history of the various Reiki styles you will eventually feel inspired and connected with at least one of them.


You will also begin to feel an affinity with the masters and guides that encourages the Reiki founder to work with energy healing. You may feel more drawn to the influence of Archangel Michael than Quan Yin. Whatever works for you and feels right is the direction that you should take.


Also keep in mind that working with these various streams of Reiki is a lifelong journey. You may feel drawn to certain types of Reiki when you are a novice practitioner, and later in your development you will be guided to other types of Reiki that you had previously ignored. It truly is ‘all in good time!’


Ask For Guidance

You are surrounded by spirits and guides that want to help you on your way. When you call upon them they will do everything in their power to lead you down the right path. Whatever is in your highest good will be given to you with the utmost love and adoration.


Ask the universe, God, or angels to show you which type of Reiki is best for you. They will give you signs and messages that will help you to ascertain what wisdom they have in store for you. Trust in their guidance and it will allow you to receive the best holistic care for your needs.



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With some patience, research, and a little help from above you will find out what type of Reiki is right for you. In addition to these factors, you should also try them for yourself. Test the waters and see for yourself.


Go in with an open mind and get excited for this new transition in your life. When you experiment with different forms of Reiki you’ll be sure to find the one for you. Embrace your power, expand your awareness and transform your life with Reiki!

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