Dragon Energy Healing Sessions




Dragon Energy Healing Sessions

I absolutely love working with dragons! They are powerful and ancient wise beings of the highest light who are here to support and help us move forward on our ascension path! My personal dragon guardian is a beautiful green water dragon who is a loving, nurturing, and very powerful healer. She has asked me to develop a healing session that uses multiple dragon reikis and dragon energy healing systems to provide a deep and profound healing experience for those who are drawn to this journey. 

Due to their very nature, dragons have the ability to delve deeper than many of the other beings of the light that we work with such as angels and unicorns. Dragons are able to clear and transmute heavy negative energies and attachments from the lower astral realms that can be causing mental and emotional distress as well as physical ailments. This is one of the reasons that dragon energy healing is frequently used in hospitals and other medical settings in order to help clear the lower energies and increase the life force, strength, and will of the client.

Dragons are wise and knowledgeable counselors and guides who will help provide encouragement and support when needed. They are powerful protectors and allies who can literally blast through barriers and blocks in order to help you jump to timelines that have previously been inaccessible. They are more than willing to help you to clear deep – seated blocks whether it’s related to physical healing, abundance, spirituality, or any other life area that you feel that you are struggling with. 

If you would like to experience this transformative healing session, once you place your order please let me know your availability and time zone and I will schedule your appointment!



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