Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer




Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer


Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer trials and tribulations !!! If you have ever felt like your head was going to implode because  your life suddenly became a perfect example of Murphy’s law, then you know the frustration is real!

Mercury retrograde is known for having negative impacts including delays and miscommunications as well as difficulties with technology and mechanical objects.

The Neutralizer energy can help to shield you, your communications, tech, car, and other mechanical items from negative and troublesome energy during these times throughout the year!


Founder: Stephanie Brail

Price Set by Founder

Excluded from BOGO Sales

You will receive:


  • Distant Attunement
  • The ability to pass this attunement on to others!
  • Original pdf manual
  • Certificate if requested
  • Two free gift attunements – the Pre-Attunement Flush and Post-Attunement Flush to assist with clearing before and after the primary attunement.
  • Ongoing email support


The attunement will be sent via the distance method one to three days after receipt of payment. You will be able to call in the attunement at a time that you find convenient. If you prefer to receive the attunement at a designated time, then please email me to schedule.

The manual and accompanying course information will be provided to you by email once the attunement has been sent. 






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